The 87th China International Pharmaceutical Apis/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China) -Shanghai Ruifu Chemical Co., Ltd. will attend with customers.



Shanghai Ruifu Chemical Co., Ltd. will attend the The 87th China International Pharmaceutical Apis/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China) with customers.

The 87th China International Pharmaceutical Apis/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China) and the 25th China International Pharmaceutical (Industry) Exhibition & Technology Exchange Fair (CHINA-PHARM) will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center on October 12-14 as scheduled.

2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and also a critical period for the transformation of China’s pharmaceutical industry.With the in-depth implementation of generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation, and the continuous implementation of a number of medical reform measures such as normalized procurement and refinement, China’s pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a profound transformation.On the policy side, pharmaceutical companies need to pay close attention to the changes of pharmacopoeia, ICH and PIC/ S, and continue to pay attention to the effects brought by them.At the production end, pharmaceutical enterprises need to optimize the supply chain, improve the continuous, digital, intelligent and intensive level of pharmaceutical process, and ensure the stable supply of drugs.On the supply side, with the promotion of the review and approval of the association between raw and auxiliary packages and pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical enterprises and suppliers of raw and auxiliary packages need to maintain continuous and efficient communication, and carry out product association and change to ensure stable supply.At the product end, pharmaceutical companies need to pay attention to the research and development of innovative drugs, especially biologics, improved new drugs and complex drugs, and enrich their product lines through joint development or outsourcing.The 87th API China API Conference and the 25th China-PHARM Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition will be held at this time, focusing on the current hot issues and trends of the industry, creating valuable face-to-face communication, cooperation and win-win opportunities for all colleagues in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and sharing the world of infinite business opportunities!

The 87th API China and the 25th China-PHARMChina international exchange center, the state food and drug administration and drug administration review the food and drug inspection center, national pharmacopoeia committee, the Chinese chemical pharmaceutical industry association, China pharmaceutical packaging association, the international association of pharmaceutical engineering, biochemical pharmacy industry association, China association of international pharmaceutical excipients (China), and other units, from the policy, laws and regulations, supervision, market, product, technology,More than 30 thematic forums were held.The content covers international regulations of pharmaceutical industry, Chinese Pharmacopoeia, antibody drug regulation, PIC/ S, ICH Q8-Q12, ICHQ13, Green pharmaceutical, micro-reaction continuous production, environmental protection and waste management, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory, pharmaceutical raw materials and one-off systems, biological products industry practice and challenges discussion, CXO research and development, complex preparation development, pharmaceutical industry information and automation, etc.By then, more than 100 industry experts, more than 1000 original package and equipment companies, tens of thousands of industry elite to copolymerization hero of wuhan, jointly set up covering the whole life cycle of drug research and development and production, the whole industry chain platform for the communication and cooperation, display, fully display the latest products, pharmaceutical production, research and development technology and the whole process solutions, spread advanced pharmaceutical concept.

API China and the Organizing committee of CHINA-PHARM will cooperate closely with Wuhan Municipal Government and Wuhan International Expo Center to ensure the health and safety of the attending customers.We will spare no effort to do business opportunities docking, exhibitor service, audience invitation and other work, join hands with all colleagues in The Pharmaceutical industry in China, link the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, stimulate the industry innovation vitality, and jointly build a large platform for Chinese pharmaceutical internal circulation, the cradle of the global pharmaceutical industry chain.Thank you for your decades of support to API China and CHINA-PHARM Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition. See you on October 12, Wuhan!




Post time: Oct-11-2021