Test Method of (R)-(-)-3-Pyrrolidinol Hydrochloride CAS: 104706-47-0

Eqiupment: GC instrument (Shimadzu GC-2010)

Column: DB-17 Agilent 30mX0.53mmX1.0μm

Initial oven temperature:      80℃

Initial time                             2.0min

Rate                                     15℃/min

Final oven temperature:       250℃

Final time                             20min

Carrier gas                           Nitrogen

Mode                                    Constant flow

Flow                                     5.0mL/min

Split ratio                              10:1

Injector temperature:            250℃

Detector temperature:          300℃

Injection volume                    1.0μL

Precautions to be taken before analysis:

1. Condition column at 240℃ for minimum 30minutes.

2. Wash the syringe and clean injector liner properly to remove the contaminants of earlier analysis.

3. Wash, dry and fill diluent in syringe wash vials.


Diluent preparation:

Prepare 2% w/v sodium hydroxide solution in water.

Standard preparation:

Weigh about 100mg of (R)-3-hydroxyprrolidine hydrochloride standard into a vial, add 1mL of diluent and dissolve.

Test preparation:

Weigh about 100mg of test sample into a vial, add 1mL of diluent and dissolve. Prepare in duplicate.


Inject blank (diluent), standard preparation and test preparation using above GC conditions. Disregard the peaks due to blank. The retention time of peak due to (R)-3-hydroxyprrolidine is about 5.0min.


Report the result as an average

Post time: Nov-13-2021