n-Butyllithium Solution CAS 109-72-8 Molarity 2.50mol/L

Short Description:

Chemical Name: n-Butyllithium Solution

Synonyms: n-BuLi  

CAS: 109-72-8

Molarity: 2.50mol/L 

Appearance: Colorless or Slightly Yellow Transparent Liquid

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Shanghai Ruifu Chemical Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of n-Butyllithium Solution (CAS: 109-72-8) with high quality. We can provide COA, worldwide delivery, small and bulk quantities available. Please contact: alvin@ruifuchem.com

Chemical Properties:

Chemical Name n-Butyllithium Solution
Synonyms n-BuLi; Butyl Lithium; Butyllithium Solution; Lithium-1-Butanide; n-Butyllithium; Butyllithium
CAS Number 109-72-8
CAT Number RF-PI2185
Stock Status In Stock, Production Capacity 600MT/Year
Molecular Formula C4H9Li   
Molecular Weight 64.06 
Melting Point -95℃
Boiling Point 80℃
Sensitive Air Sensitive, Moisture Sensitive, Heat Sensitive
Solubility  Miscible With Diethyl Ether and Cyclohexane
Odor Odor of the Solvent
Water Solubility Vigorous Reaction
Hydrolytic Sensitivity 8: Reacts Rapidly With Moisture, Water, Protic Solvents
Brand Ruifu Chemical


Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless or Slightly Yellow Transparent Liquid
Density (20℃) 0.686g/ml
Alkaline Impurities ≤0.10 mol/L (in n-Butoxypolyethylene Meter)
Molarity 2.50mol/L
Active Lithium (Li) ≥98.0%
Covalent Chlorine and CL- ≤0.10%
Solvent n-Hexane
Test Standard Enterprise Standard

Package & Storage:

Package: Bottle, 25kg/Drum, 170kg/Drum or according to customer's requirement

Storage Condition: Store in sealed containers at cool and dry place; Protect from light and moisture; must be waterproof and carbon dioxide-proof.

Warnings and Precautions: 1) N-Butyllithium is extremely combustible when in contact with air; when measuring, the needle of the injector will eject sparks. 2) The entire process must be protected by argon for safety precaution. 3) If N-Butyllithium catches fire, it must be extinguished with sand, which must be placed within arm’s reach at all times. Spontaneously combustible when in contact with water. When preparing and using N-Butyllithium, do not operate alone in case of emergency.





n-Butyllithium Solution (CAS: 109-72-8) is used for polymerization catalyst and alkylation agent. n-Butyllithium Solution (CAS: 109-72-8) is commonly used as chemical intermediates and linkers. The n-butyllithium solution is mainly used as an anionic polymerization initiator in the organic reaction synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, and is also used in synthetic rubber, flavor synthesis, liquid crystal materials and other industries and fields. It is a chemical product intermediate, linking agent, alkylating agent, and polymerization catalyst. As a catalyst, N-Butyllithium is widely used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, liquid crystal monomer, and pesticide production catalyst. N-Butyllithium is also widely used in organic syntheses, especially in growing carbon chains, and it is a staple laboratory product in reactions such as: Metallization reaction: R-H + n-Butyl-Li → R-Li + Butane, in which the produced lithium alkyl can react with many substances. Direct metallization: the aromatic compound that connects the substitute reacts with N-Butyllithium, and lithium metal can be attached to the aromatic compound. Nucleophilic addition and substitution reaction. Halogen-metal replacement. n-Butyllithium is a strong nucleophile in the synthetic organic chemistry. It is also used as an initiator in the polymerization process.

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